Experience and comparison have brought us to this point.
We want every bottle to leave our cellar and reach you exactly as we designed and created it.
We want to guarantee you the best tasting experience possible.
This is why we have chosen the screw cap.

It is safe!

It avoids unpleasant contamination or alterations in the wine’s taste and aromas, eliminating the problem of faulty bottles. Moreover, it protects the wine during transport and storage, leaving more room for movement as the wine expands or contracts.

It is convenient!

Easy to open, it can be closed again perfectly, enabling excellent wine storage. Bottles can be stored vertically.

It is sustainable!

It is made entirely of aluminium, a material that can be easily recycled without losing its original properties.

It isn’t impenetrable!

Contrary to popular belief, the screw cap allows micro-oxygenation of wines. There are, in fact, several types of closures depending on the quantity of oxygen you want to allow to pass through.

It isn’t banal!

This closure is often associated with younger, fresher wines, but this is not true. In fact, it is even more suitable for wines needing long periods of bottle ageing, because it guarantees perfect development and storage over time.

Isn’t it poetic?

It is, perhaps, true that unscrewing a bottle at a table in a restaurant is not particularly spectacular, but we would like to reassure all of those who love the corkscrew ceremony: don’t worry, there is still poetry, it’s all in the content!