Our work

We pay the utmost respect and attention to our land: we put all our energy into meticulous work in the vineyard, which keeps us busy all year round.


The soil is the great protagonist, the main theme running through all our wines.

Being aware of this, we can claim that our vineyard management is not a short-sighted one limited to the wellbeing of the vines alone, but it safeguards the landscape in its entirety.
The work carried out by man plays a very important role in the management of both the vineyard and the natural surrounding landscape, which is made up of elements that must be considered individually and duly taken care of in order to preserve the harmony created by their unity, i.e. that of nature itself.

This commitment that we have always carried out has led us on the path of organic certification, officially obtained in 2019. It is a tool through which we can guarantee our consumers a healthy and sustainable vineyard management.


Even inside our cellar the contact with the material takes place with delicacy, gently. We turn grapes into wine in a non-invasive way, fully exploiting the powerful tools that nature puts at our disposal.

The cellar is modern and efficient. It was designed to produce exclusively white wines and to get the best out of our native grapes. It is laid out on three floors, one above the other, which allows us to make the best use of gravity so as to keep movement of the musts and wines to a minimum.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust

And it is precisely by looking at our territory and its winemaking traditions with new eyes that over the years we have given life to numerous research projects in the agronomic, ampelographic and geological fields.
Some of the major Italian universities and distinguished specialists have been involved in these studies and have guided us to discover the uniqueness of our vines and our soils. One of them is the project of conservation and revaluation of Trebbiano di Soave started in the early years of the new millennium and developed in collaboration with the laboratories of the University of Milan and Professor Attilio Scienza.
The research led to the creation of Massifitti wine and marked the beginning of a new era for Trebbiano di Soave within our denomination, awakening the interest of many producers and enthusiasts towards it.
And the research goes on, we are constantly working on new projects because learning never really ends.