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Olio Extravergine di Oliva

The vine and the olive tree, two plants that have been cultivated together for centuries and are the symbol of our Mediterranean nature, also live in harmony here at Fittà. The gnarled olive trees extend between the vineyards, marking the boundaries and dotting the hills here and there. When the wind blows and their canopy stirs, they flash with silver. The noble and  precious extra virgin olive oil that we extract from the fruit of our olive trees, is sweet liquid gold with an aroma of almonds and citrus fruits.


  • _2foglie Oli d'Italia 2012 Gambero Rosso - Olio Extravergine di Oliva 2011
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Technical Data

Type of oil: extra vergine di oliva

Variety: native. Grignano 100%. (Monocultivar)

Production area: Fittà in the municipal district of Soave (Verona), 300 mt. a.s.l.

Soil: dark grey volcanic soil with basalt ground layers

Average age of olive trees: 80 years

Total number of olive trees: 500

Harvest period: after ten days from the veraison: 25 October - 10 November

Harvest technique: manual "brucatura"

Time between harvest and pressing and storage olives before pressing: within 12 hours from the harvest the olives are pressed. They are conserved for this little time in open crates within a cool and ventilated room to mantain their fragrance intact.

Pressing: "ciclo continuo a freddo" with a two stage processing.

Yield per 100 Kg olives: 12 litres

Storage: in steel tanks

Clarification: no filtrations. Only two simple decanting, avoiding the contact of the oil with air and light.

Bottling: at the end of November of the same year of the harvest.

Acidity: 0,5%

Polyphenols: 155 mg/kg

Peroxyde level: 8 meq

Organoleptic Profile

Colour: golden yellow with light green highlights.

Nose: lightly fruity with notes of lemon tree's leaves and white flowers.

Palate: fragrant and smooth. Persistent with a nice sweetness.

Best with...

Best with...: Olive oil for the whole meal. Begin with warm or hot bread. Excellent with seafood salad, with grilled fishes and with white grilled meat cooked with herbs.


Storage: store the bottle in a cool place with constant temperature (preferably not higher than 18 °C). Guard it against sources of heat and light.
Best before the end of the year subsequent to the harvest.