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Tasting Highlights - Massifitti incanta

Tasting Highlights - Massifitti incanta

Fra i recenti assaggi gli editors di Wine Spectator hanno scelto i migliori 17 bianchi del Veneto (si parla di Soave, Lugana, Custoza ed altri). I nostri vini guidano la classifica: Massifitti 2014 al primo posto con 91 punti, in terza posizione Monte Carbonare 2014 con 90 punti e poi Soave Classico 2015 con 88 punti!
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17 Adventurous Italian Whites - New reviews of fresh whites from northeastern Italy's Veneto

"Northeastern Italy's Veneto region is characterized by its volcanic soils […] Wine lovers may know this region for its powerful Amarone wines, but there is also plenty of quality and value to be found in the whites made here.
Soave first springs to mind when we think of Veneto whites. […] The best sights tend to be located on the hilly slopes of the “Classico” area. Suavia is a leader in the region, producing a range of white wines. […] The Monte Carbonare and the Massifitti are its two top wines, exhibiting lush citrus and orchard fruit, almond accents and mouthwatering acidity that are the trademarks of great Soave.” E.B.

Massifitti 2014
This starts off racy, with mouthwatering acidity, the broadens, swathing the sleek frame in a creamy mix of yellow plum, blanched almond, fleur de sel and Meyer lemon zest flavors. Fresh and focused, with a lacy, mineral-tinged finish. A.N.

Monte Carbonare 2014
Grated coconut and spice notes are an aromatic entry for this juicy white, leading to flavors of passion fruit puree and ripe nectarine on the palate. Lithe and elegant in stature, but expressive, with vibrant acidity creating a lasting, mouthwatering finish of fruit, stone and spice. A.N.

Soave Classico 2015
This creamy white offers flavors of poached white peach, salted almond and lemon curd, layered with rich, smoky, minerally underpinning. A.N.