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Punteggi: Wine&Spirits

Punteggi: Wine&Spirits

Nuovi punteggi per i nostri vini dalla rivista statunitense Wine&Spirits nel numero di ottobre 2015.
Ecco le note di degustazione:

SUAVIA Soave Classico 2014 – 88 points (Best Buy)
“A cool, crisp wine for warm summer evenings, this mouthwatering garganega offers bright flavors of lemon, tangerine and blanched almonds.”

SUAVIA Massifitti Bianco Veronese 2012 – 90 points
“Trebbiano di Soave (known as verdicchio in the Marche) is the basis for this brisk, lemony wine. Dry and zesty, with a satiny texture and a streak of salty minerality...”

SUAVIA Monte Carbonare Soave Classico 2013 – 91 points
“Monte Carbonare’s jet-black label and name (meaning ‘hill of coal’) are nods to the dark volcanic soils that produce this garganega, but the wine feels sunny and energetic. Subtle at first, with delicate aromas of lemon and chamomile, it builds in weight, the minerality of the wine cascading through a stream of lemon and tangerine flavor that broadens into nectarine and white peach. It’s dynamic and lively, remaining poised and bright to the finish.”

SUAVIA Le Rive Bianco Veronese 2011 – 91 points
“By leaving the grapes on the vine until late October and fermenting and aging one-third of the wine in barrels for 15 months, this develops into a rich white, as concentrated as lemon confit, with light spice and vanilla notes around the edges. A firm mineral streak balances the wine, and draws out notes of yellow curry and mustard seed. Pour it as you might a chardonnay.”

SUAVIA Acinatium Recioto di Soave Classico 2009 – 92 points
“Suavia pulls the garganega grapes for Acinatium from the Castellaro cru, near the summit of a volcanic cone. Harvested in September, dried for six months before fermenting in barrels, then aged two years in oak barrels and in another tank, it develops a color like spun gold. The flavors hew to that shade as well, with notes of fresh mandarin orange and apricot evolving toward chamomile, ginseng, tamarind and crème brûlée. After a few hours in the glass, the wine kicks into a higher gear, opulent in its notes of apricot marmalade, saffron and fresh almonds, bright acidity keeping the wine lively and fresh.”