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Nuovi Punteggi - Autunno 2017

Nuovi Punteggi - Autunno 2017

Nuovi eccellenti punteggi per i nostri vini dal noto critico statunitense James Suckling. Monte Carbonare ottiene il punteggio più alto fra i vini della denominazione!
Ecco le recensioni complete: - 20 ottobre 2017

SUAVIA Soave Classico Monte Carbonare 2015 - 95 punti
"Wow. This is a great white with incredible definition and transparency. Sliced white peach, pear and apple aromas and flavors. Full body, focused and persistent. Goes on for minutes. Drink now."

SUAVIA Trebbiano di Soave Massifitti 2014 - 93 punti
"Plenty of apricots and peaches as well as lemongrass, pomelo and papaya. Medium to full body, tangy acidity, lots of spicy complexity and texture and a long finish. Drink now."

SUAVIA Garganega Veronese Le Rive 2013 - 91 punti
"The focus and beauty to this is impressive with dried apricot, apple and honey character. Full body, extremely fruity and fresh. Seems slightly off-dry. Drink now."

SUAVIA Soave Classico 2016 - 92 punti
"Apricots, nectarines and pears as well as some more aromatic notes of pomelo and even chamomile and blossom in addition to gun flint. Medium body, a fine thread of acidity and a medium finish. Drink now."