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Suavia Azienda Agricola
Frazione Fittà via Centro, 14
37038, Soave (VR) - Italia
t. 0039 045 767 50 89
f. 0039 045 767 59 91
p.iva 03063550234


Privacy Information

Information pursuant to and to the effects and purposes of Arts. 13, 23 and 26 of Legislative Decree No 196 of 30/6/2003, on personal data protection. 
 Dear User, pursuant to Legislative Decree No 196/2003 and as regards the personal data (hereinafter “data") provided by you on this website, we wish to inform you that: 
- your data will be processed in relation to contractual requirements and the subsequent fulfilment of legal and contractual obligations deriving from the same, as well as to ensure effective management of our commercial relations. Your data will be processed in writing and/or in a magnetic, electronic or telematic format; 
- provision of your data is obligatory for the purposes of legal and contractual obligations and, therefore, refusal to provide it or refusal to allow it to be processed may mean that it is impossible for us to fulfil the contract; 
- on the other hand, failure to provide data that is not required for the purposes of legal or contractual obligations will be assessed by us on a case by case basis and any decisions will be made in relation to the importance of the data requested to the management of the commercial relations; Without prejudice to data communicated and disclosed in fulfilment of legal obligations, your data may be communicated in Italy and/or abroad to: 
- factoring companies; 
- credit institutes; 
- debt collection agencies;

- commercial information companies; 
- professionals and consultants; 
- companies operating in the transport sector; 
- data processing companies;

- for the purposes of credit protection and the best possible management of our rights in regard to the individual commercial relationship. Your data may also come to the knowledge of the persons in charge of the processing (appointed for the purposes of the law) on the basis of their authorisation profile, and any data supervisors. 
 Our company will take adequate measures to ensure the highest possible level of confidentiality from the abovementioned third parties, and will process data only for strictly necessary purposes.
 The data will be processed throughout the duration of the contractual relationship, and may also be processed subsequently for the fulfilment of legal requirements as well as for future commercial purposes; 
 as regards the data itself, you may exercise your rights under Art.7 of Legislative Decree No 196/2003 within the limits and according to the conditions envisaged by Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the aforementioned legislative decree; the data controller is our company Suavia Azienda Agricola, Frazione Fittà, via Centro 14, 37038, Soave, Verona, Italia, tel. 0039 045 767 50 89, fax 0039 045 767 59 91